Explore the world of Swisher log splitter models – Learn what you didn’t know before

A Swisher log splitter is good for those who want to cater to their commercial needs. In the same way, it is also suited for those who don’t want a large and expensive gas model to manage a small quantity of logs or woods that they use. If you need to split hickory, for instance, you may want a powerful tool for splitting hickory. According to most reviewers, a Swisher splitter is like a little jewel. It is pretty much a great tool to use. There is absolutely no need for you to split wood using sledgehammers and wedges. Anyone with a fireplace should buy one of those. Swisher’s manual deluxe hydraulic log splitters are suited for those who want a good solution for splitting a small amount of wood. And they work pretty well too.

Explore the world of Swisher log splitter models

The LS10528H has a 10.5 HP Briggs engine with 28 ton power. It has got a heavy-duty steel frame that provides unparalleled strength plus durability. It’s boosted with the power of the 10.5HP Briggs & Stratton IC engine. You can’t get disappointed with a such a machine when it offers you a splitting force of 28 tons. The 4.5″x24″ cylinder is sufficiently solid and you will enjoy the power of the 16 gallon/ minute pump, especially if you want something that provides you with minimal cycle time and super fast splitting performance. The heavy-duty two-stage pump can provide you with perfect splitting performance.

The unique clutch drive is suited for simple start up, even when you are working in cold weather. You will have no worries even when there is frost. Users get to enjoy the boons of both horizontal and vertical positions of splitting. You can tow it on the road as the machine is equipped with a 2-in ball coupler. But you can’t go beyond 45 MPH of speed. The two years of limited warranty keeps troubles and worries off your shoulder.

The LS12534H, on the other hand has a 12.5 HP Briggs engine with 34 Ton force capacity. The heavy-duty steel frame provides matchless strength and high level of durability. The 12.5 HP Briggs & Stratton I/C engine is there to get the work done and the immense 34-tons splitting force makes splitting easy. This is coupled with features like 5″x24″ cylinder and a 16 gallon / minute pump that ensures minimal cycle time and much faster splitting.

Like most other Swisher log splitter units, this one has a rugged two-stage pump that provides you with the highest splitting performance that you expect from a Swisher log splitter. The exclusive clutch drive provides easy start up in cold weather. Here again, you enjoy the boons of both horizontal and vertical splitting. Like all other splitters from Swisher, this one is fit to be towed thanks to the well fitted two-inch ball coupler. You can have it working as fast as 45 MPH. To go with all that, Swisher provides a two-year limited warranty.

How about the LS12534D 12.5HP Briggs 34 Ton Deluxe model? If you want a splitter with a super rugged steel frame, this is your thing. This log splitters is fit for being operated in numerous positions to ensure optimal convenience and a high degree of efficiency. You can even enjoy a cross-axle horizontal position with this model.

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