Considering Buying a Swisher Log Splitter? Read This Article First!

Did you know that you could easily use some wood to enjoy spectacular winter savings? Forget about the axe. Swisher log splitters are equipped with a unique cold-weather clutch, which literally makes the start up in the cold plain and simple. A Swisher log splitter can take the workload off you.

Swisher brings you great products featuring frames made from heavy-duty steel. It provides matchless strength and classic durability. The models from the brand can easily be towed at the back of your ATV, UTV or truck.

Each machine from the Swisher line happens to be highly powerful. Each machine is loaded with great features designed for saving your time and making your splitting job simpler.

You could consider getting yourself a LS722H – 7 HP Briggs. It happens to be a 22-ton machine. You could also get a LS728H – 7 HP Briggs. It is a 28-ton machine. How about the LS10528H – 10.5 HP Briggs?

It also happens to be a 28-ton splitter. There are also models like LS12534H – 12.5 HP Briggs and LS12534D – 12.5 HP Briggs which are both 34-ton machines. If you want to play it nice and light, you can just go for the LS3P – Three-Point Log Splitter. There is also the 12258 10 Ton Manual splitter that you can make great use of.

Take the LS722H – 7 HP Briggs machine for instance. It is a 22-ton machine with a heavy-duty steel frame. It has the power of the 7HP Briggs & Stratton 875 Series engine. This machine has massive 22-ton splitting power that goes hand in hand with the 4″x24″ cylinder capacity.

The 11 gallon / minute pump ensures minimal cycle time and much faster splitting. The heavy-duty two-stage pump can provide you with maximal splitting performance. Let us also not forget the unique clutch drive that provides you with easy starting when you work in chilly weather.


This eliminates the hindrance in the cold. You enjoy the boons of horizontal as well as vertical splitting. This machine is road towable and features a two-inch ball coupler. It is limited to 45 MPH maximum speed.

How about the 28 Ton exotic LS728H – 7 HP Briggs? It features a strong steel frame providing unmatched power and durability. This one features a 7 HP Briggs & Stratton 875 Series engine. And the 28-ton splitting force should be more than enough.

The 4.5″x24″ cylinder is really efficient. Not to mention the versatility of the 11 gallon / minute pump that ensures minimal cycle time and much faster splitting. Heavy-duty 2-stage pump provides maximum splitting performance.

Like the last model mentioned, this one has a user-friendly clutch drive that offers simple starting in chilly weather, which literally eliminates problems during the winder. You can operate in even in extremely cold weather.

Just like most other versatile Swisher log splitter models, this one will give you the flexibility of both horizontal and vertical splitting. It is powerful and reliable as well as durable. What more can you want from a log splitter?

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