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If you’re looking for a log splitter, there are many types you can find. Things depend a lot on the nature of the projects you’re working on. And there are multiple options when it comes to purchasing log splitters. As we all know, they are powerful tools. You can get your wood splitting projects completed pretty fast. They are particularly helpful for homeowners who are in need of cutting firewood. Among the popular choices are the Timberwolf log splitter machines. Let us take look at the prime types of log splitters from this brand first.

You need to take into account the manual log splitters. They happen to be pretty lightweight. They are convenient to store or carry even when you travel. Such a model will make an excellent wood splitter for your home. It will be a tool that you could conveniently use for cutting your firewood and for other DIY home projects. You need to remember that they call for considerable amount of manpower, but happen to be much simpler to use than an axe.

Apart from the foot / hand operated manual ones, there are electric log splitters as well. These splitters have had great popularity ever since the world experienced a soar in gas prices. They are simple to use and they weigh considerably less than the typical hydraulic / diesel powered log splitters.


Electric log splitters happen to be superior in terms of cost effectiveness compared to those that are powered by gas or diesel. Irrespective of the location of your residence, electricity happens to be way cheaper compared to gas. Such splitters happen to be excellent for moderate use.

The third type of splitters is the hydraulic one. These are super-powered, super-fast and robust. They have a pretty large surface area. They are much wider compared to their manual and electric counterparts. There are also vertical and horizontal types.

If you want to buy a Timberwolf log splitter, consider getting yourself a TW-P1. It is one of the hallmark models of this manufacturer. You can find suitable models for both home and farm use. They come with typical log cradles or dependable Honda OHV GX Series engine. Take the TW-2 splitters, for instance.

They are meant to withstand heavy-duty usage. They boast with twenty tons of efficient splitting force. They are powered by 242cc Honda OHV GX Series engines. On the other hand, a TW-2HD Commercial unit comes with a wide array of rugged components and a highly reliable Honda engine to facilitate heavy usage.

TW-2/36 is another model with a rather rugged attire. It’s basically meant to cater to your outdoor furnace needs. TW-HV1 happens to be for people who are in need of an adaptable design. You can split logs both vertically / horizontally. The TW-HV2 is a great combination of power and pace combined into a flexible design.

You can operate it both horizontally and vertically and you can take full advantage of the 25-ton capacity. On the other hand, the TW-3 is a PTO-powered log splitter. It’s for tractor owners who work hard on the farm and the home. You can also choose among TW-3HD, TW-S3HD, TW-3SSR, TW-5 (a popular commercial unit), TW-5FC, TW-6, TW-7, TW-C1, or TW-10RC.

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