The Nitty-gritty of a Typical Unicorn Log Splitter

A unicorn log splitter happens to be among the most specific, yet functional splitters. It features a huge spinning tapered screw. You need to push it by hand to ensure that the blade goes into the wood. That is how the log gets split apart. There are models attaching to tractor PTO.

You can also find models designed primarily to get attached to cars. You’ll also be able to attach such a model to the nuts onto one of the drive wheels. You need to jack up that rear axle. Make sure your car remains running. That is how you get the wood split.

Isn’t the unicorn log splitter interesting? Some people feel that these types of log splitters are not much good. And some consumer awareness groups have said that they are pretty dangerous. A slight glitch with the unicorn splitter might bring damages and injuries that you don’t want.

If you surf online, you can find different types of unicorn splitter products available. Perhaps one of the most interesting models is that car wheel one. It is fun to watch these videos and to use the machine in real life. But at the and of the day, these things really work.

typical unicorn log splitter

It is all about the screwing. You can’t take your eyes off the drilling bit once the unit is assembled. Some models make use of 9 HP 4-stroke engines. More power makes any unit better. You may also notice the transmission and check how well it works. The pin on the line could be utilized just in the way you use gas pedals.

The journey started years ago with the typical Popular Science products which attached to the wheels of a vehicle. It was all about the truck being on the jack stand and the guy splitting logs using it. It did look scary and dangerous then and most of us probably did not believe that this would come into commercial production.

The whole scenario seems pretty interesting. Still, you need some details, right? You can browse the net to find out the kind of motor used and about the power sourcing required. The most important thing to look into should be how connecting all pieces altogether will work? The use of the product is equally important.

All unicorn log splitter items are awesome. Still, some people feel confused looking at the basically un-translatable Cyrillic marks. But this product is great for wood burners and for owners of Gravely 5260. A guy who has woods with a 16-inch stove lengths was showing interest in this brand recently.

He first saw this kind of splitter in the brochure and kind of laughed at it in the beginning. He also thought that it’s pretty dangerous. Still, after watching a few online videos, he finally saw how the whole thing worked and he liked it somehow. The machine’s tip looked dull as the guy actually had to lean right into it to start the log splitting. It was also hard for him to understand why people get the axel engaged! You get the answer if you put some time into research!

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