The Pros and Cons of a Super Split Log Splitter

What is a Super Split Log Splitter used for? It makes use of a rack and a pinion system compared to the typical splitters that are powered by hydraulic cylinders. Speed is the key benefit of such a wood splitter. Would you believe that it has just 2 seconds of cycle time? This is the reason why it is rated as much faster compared to the typical hydraulic cylinder powered wood splitters. Such high speed comes off the small engine which works with weighted flywheels. In other words, you could get much more versatile splitting and power from the machines with smaller engines.

There are several pros and cons of using Super Split Splitters actually. First thing’s first, you will love the fast paced super split splitter, although some people think that the manner in which the wedge gets mounted is not optimal. If you have a Super Split Log Splitter, you will see that the wedge remains fixed, whereas the ram keeps pushing the wood into the right direction past the wedge. That means that with each and every pass it will move all the woods past the wedge. Then again, you need to manually pull these pieces back each and every time for re-splitting them. That is the way in which a typical Super Split Log Splitter works. It works simply great if you just split a log just once. It will also push those finished pieces right off the splitting table automatically.

The problem here is that most of the logs that you split happen to be large so they need to be efficiently split several times into numerous pieces. This is the reason why it is better for you to move the wedge if it remains attached to that ram. That way, the wood can stay in a single spot on your working table in front of you as the wedge keeps moving through it. Some people find it useful to make use of the traditional hydraulic splitters. This can hurt productivity if you wait for the slower hydraulics to work. They can curb your production. You could easily see how the super split log splitter can speed up the production. Still, with this wedge configuration you need to rapidly drag pieces onto your work table and pick them right back up as they are pushed down from the table, so you might feel that you need a hand.

You need to keep in mind that the machine is primarily meant for 10″ to 12″ hardwood. A firewood seller said that he has had this super model for over one year now and he simply loves it. He is happy with the heavy duty machine that features a 6hp engine. The Super Split Splitter can split woods with 18-in diameter or even larger. When you just lift it towards the table, the wood will split efficiently. You can split wood roughly all year round and should not ever face any kind of major problems. Just make sure that you operate the device safely.

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