Why You Need an Electric Log Splitter

Come to think of it, why would you prefer to buy an electric log splitter over a gas log splitter? Is it any better? Can you split more wood with it over a given period? And, if it’s superior to its gas counterpart, what’s the best electric log splitter? Even though your needs primarily determine the choice of one type over the other, here are a few pointers that would persuade you to use an electric log splitter over a gas log splitter.

You Can Use an Electric Log Splitter Anywhere

For starters, the primary reason you’re scouting for a log splitter is the convenience it brings when cutting through wood. It, therefore, goes without saying that you will want a unit that can be used anywhere. Well, you can use an electric log splitter in multiple places as long as you have a standard power outlet. You know what this means? You can split wood outdoors, on your porch, at the basement and anywhere in between.

When it comes to a gas splitter, you don’t have many options as far as where to use it is concerned. As a matter of fact, the only place you can use a gas log splitter is outdoors. It is worth noting that most gas models emit smoke, a factor that renders them unusable indoors or in an enclosed area.

Quiet Operation

Gas wood splitters can make a lot of noise causing distraction and a chaotic atmosphere. Electric log splitters, on the other hand, are designed for quiet operation. With an electric log splitter, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors. In other words, you can split lots of wood without upsetting your neighbors or those around you.

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Are you looking for a unit that will help you cut through large logs of wood without leaving a hole in your pocket? If so, an electric log splitter would be your best option. In comparison to gas wood splitters, electric log splitters are relatively affordable and are the choice to go for if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Lightweight and More Portable

You will want to move your splitter from one point to the other depending on your needs. It, therefore, goes without saying that the machine has to be moveable and lightweight. Most electric log splitters such as Boss Industrial ES7T20 come while large wheels to make moving them from one point to the other easy. Besides, most models are lightweight, and you can move them along to the splitting area without much difficulty.

Gas splitters are relatively large in comparison to electric splitters which by extension mean that they are not easy to move around. In fact, you may have to tow a gas log splitter using your truck to the splitting area.

There’s No Need to Change Oil

Unlike gas log splitters, all you have to do to get an electric wood splitter working is to plug it into a power source and you’re ready to go. And as long as there is electricity supply, the machine will keep running. With a gas operated unit, however, you need to keep checking the fuel level lest the machine grinds to a halt.

Also, you will need to change the oil and service the engine to ensure that your splitter is in good working condition. Save for the occasional maintenance, electric log splitters are typically easier to use.


Electric log splitters are not only convenient but also easy to operate. If you’re a beginner and don’t how to safely use a log splitter, an electricity operated unit would be your best bet. Again, if you don’t have a lot of space, these are the units to go for because they are smaller in comparison to their gas counterparts. Don’t know where to start your quest for the best electric log splitters? Be sure to check out our Top 5 best rated electric log splitters reviews.

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