Troy built log splitter – A basic overview

People make use of logs for a wide range of purposes. These are useful for producing wood pieces for keeping a fire in the fireplaces and also inside fire pits. We use logs to heat homes during the chilly winter days and nights. At least, you want to avoid the soaring electricity and gas prices, right? There are times when wood logs need to be used to cook and run campfires. As there are lots of uses of logs, it’s no wonder that there is a steep demand for log splitter machines. And for lots of people, a Troy Built log splitter happens to be a feasible option.


Many people out there have different types of trees or wood logs at their disposal. Be it hardwood or softwood, a Troy Built log splitter is well suited for handling both large and small logs. There are different types of splitters from the house of Troy Built actually. You can cut softwoods (e.g. cedar, pine) with the machine that you choose.

There is no need to get any of those huge super powered splitters to get the splitting done. When it comes to hardwoods, you naturally need lots of power. This calls for a higher-end model, of course. The size of these logs that you will cut is an important factor for buyers as well. The bottom line is that there are many factors that dictate which machine or model will suit your needs best. Needless to say, smaller machines have trouble splitting logs with wider diameters. It will matter which size you need. You can almost always find something that matches your budget.

As a matter of fact, the strongest one among the Troy Built log splitter models will cost you only a bit more than $2000. This is a bit high for some buyers, but at the end of the day, you can save lots of money. In a matter of year, the investment will be paid off completely. It is really amazing how much savings you get by cutting your own wood rather than buying it. Troy Built is gaining the trust of users as a top splitter brand. You can buy a product online and at home improvement stores as well.

Take the LS 27 TB Hydraulic Log Splitter, for instance. It is a 27-ton Hydraulic Log Splitter. It’s got a heavy-duty construction and great cast-iron wedges. It has tons of RAM force. It is a towable machine and can rapidly handle a big stack of firewood. It can split even the largest logs. You can easily assemble the LS27TB. You will need not to chop wood anymore as you will be using this log splitting machine.

The LS 33 TB Deluxe Hydraulic Log Splitter is yet another great machine from the brand. It is a good model from the Troy Built hydraulic log splitter series. It is built to have the power that you require for making your work easier and more productive. It comes with a heavy duty frame and features cast-iron splitting wedges.

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