Things You Should Remember About A Log Splitter Pump

A pump is necessary for the operation of a log splitter. Hydraulic oil pumps are great. They provide a stream of high pressure oil. This actually runs your splitter. It is important to have your pump checked regularly, so that it can be kept in good working condition. This care can extend the life of your log splitter pump immensely.

A pump that is very efficient, as well as economical is a 2 stage pump. It has two parts one that is a pump and an internal valve that is pressure sensing. One portion of the pump makes certain that the pump engenders the major GPN rate of flow at a low pressure. This is employed to drain the piston completely out of the log. Of course, this happens after the log has already been split. Only a little force is needed to draw the piston into the cylinder. This is the reason that the highest flow rate is desired in order to accomplish this. This is also why a low rate of pressure is required.

Things You Should Remember About A Log Splitter Pump

When pushing the piston into a log the highest pressure is required so that a maximum splitting force will be generated. This log splitter pump initiates a high pressure, low volume rate to efficiently split and cut the wood or logs, and does so with a small engine.

A log splitter pump can be found online at stores that carry forestry and logging equipment, accessories, as well as specialized parts. At these stores you can find the different types, brands, and kinds of equipment that are needed for the operation of log splitters. If you are short on money, you might want to check online for used pumps for log splitters. You will be surprised at the money that you can save.

Sometimes you can find new pumps that are discounted where they act as promotional tools to entice customers to try them. They quite frequently offer extra perks or bonuses such as things like, free shipping, etc. These extra incentives can save you quite a bit of money.

After the initial promotional sales, these items usually return to normal with much higher prices. This is the reason why it is imperative to take advantage of the discounts when they are available, because they are not ongoing ones. These pumps carry a good term manufacturer’s warranty along with a company guarantee if they are new. They usually range anywhere from a 1 year to a 3 year warranty, which is ample time to make sure that the part, is in suitable working condition.

However, when purchasing used pumps, it is up to the seller. This is one big drawback of buying used or older parts, such as pumps. After your pump has been delivered to you, be sure to read the manual page by page to learn everything that you need to know.

If you do not feel comfortable in installing this pump in your log splitter, it is good to hire a logging professional who is skilled and trained in performing tasks of this nature; then you log splitter will work in a efficient manner!

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