Picking A Great Log Splitter Wedge

There are lots of ways to split wood, some of them very easy. Get an electric or gas powered log splitter and you’ll have a cord of wood from that tree you just cut in almost no time flat. But for some of you, log splitting is a form of exercise. For others it’s a form of relaxation. You prefer to split your wood the old fashioned way; with an axe or a log splitter wedge.

But that doesn’t mean you want to make it too hard. You want to be sure your wood splits with precision. After all, it’s not really efficient to burn a bunch of log chips in your fireplace. That’s why the log splitter wedge you use is so important. So what kind of wedge should you get?

Well for starters, your wedge should typically be made of forged steel. Steel ads both durability and strength to the wedge and makes sure you can split the wood with efficiency and precision. You can get these basic wedges in different weights depending on the wood you will be splitting. Five or 6 pounds is about right for the work you will likely be doing.

For even more sure splitting, you may want to look at getting a log splitting wedge forged with offset fins for more sure splitting. A head that tapers off faster will also help.

Picking A Great Log Splitter Wedge

And if you want to work really fast, you might look into a 4-way wedge. This wedge will split the log into 4 separate pieces with one cut. One log quickly becomes 4 pieces of wood for your fireplace. It’s the most efficient way to get the job done.

Out of all the wedges we’ve looked at, two of them consistently get great reviews, and they are not your standard wedge design. The two are the Wood Blaster Log Splitter Wedge and the Sure-Split Wedge . Check out the reviews on these and chances are you’ll be ordering one quickly and splitting wood just as fast. And the great news is that neither of them is more costly than a standard forged steel log splitting wedge. In fact, the Wood Blaster Log Splitter is actually cheaper than a standard wedge. And people just rave about it.

Get a good log splitter wedge and a good sledgehammer and you’ll be chopping wood quickly. The right tools can make the job seem almost effortless.

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