A Guide to Yard Machine Log Splitter

Yard machine log splitter models are meant to make your wood splitting job much faster and simpler compared to the tiresome hand-axe chopping method. Sometimes people see fallen trees in their backyard. But sooner or later, they manage to chop them into more convenient pieces. In some cases, people just need a yard machine log splitter to get ready for the winter.

You could get a nice Yard Machine log splitter at a reasonable price. You surely know that today’s gas prices have been soaring massively, right? And no wonder so many people out there prefer using wood logs in their fireplaces. Everybody loves being inside a room that has a burning fireplace.

This makes your room cozier and more inviting to everybody around. Fortunately, you can get excellent discounted prices and you can easily buy a nice log splitter.

And searching for a yard machine log splitter is now easier. All you have to do is to search online and you will save lots of money. Much more info can be obtained when you shop around and look at different websites.

You’ll need some time to place bids and compare shipping costs. You will also be able to contact the sellers if you have got a question. There are different types of makes and models out there.

A guide to yard machine log splitter

Take the 190cc / 21-ton machine, for instance. Actually, the 190cc Briggs and Stratton Engine Series is getting an increasingly high amount of popularity these days. After all, you can expect great services from 21-ton cylinder engines. The good thing is that, you can enjoy both vertical and horizontal operation with such machines. In the same way, you can find the models with 25-inch log capacity highly useful. The Solid Cast Iron Splitting Wedge is great. And the same goes for the nineteen-second cycle time!

These machines come with Automated Cylinder Return and Forward Control Lever. What’s more, you get a Log Cradle and a Wood Stripper Plate. The three-gallon Oil Reservoir goes fine with Dextron – III oil. And you also get a two-year limited warranty on the mahcine.

The 123cc OHV engine now features excellent cast iron made cylinder sleeve. The OHV technology ensures the long life of the machine. And you enjoy fuel efficiency as well as quieter operation. Needless to say, an eight-ton splitting force can handle very tough splitting tasks. Not to mention the fact that the retractable cylinders are easy to store. The handle allows for a simple transition between storage and splitting.

Not to mention the convenience of the three-position valve with a ‘Return to Neutral’ feature. It literally operates perfectly. With this feature, the wedge gets back to its primary position in an automated way, when the cylinder gets fully retracted.

This allows the following log to be easily set in the right position. And there is also a Log Cradle for safely holding the logs while splitting. Some models have a 19-inch log capacity.

In general, choose a yard machine log splitter in line with your needs and requirements.

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